the beauty of God's Nature

the beauty of God's Nature
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Thursday, December 23, 2010


                                 MOMO’S PUPPY.

                Once there was a little girl called Maurine. Everyone called her Momo because it made her sound like a princess. She was a pretty little girl with long black hair that either fell neatly on her back or was held firmly in two pony tails.
Her parents were well of so she always had on pretty dresses with cute Cinderella shoes.
               One afternoon after school, little Momo run to her mother who was in the kitchen preparing lunch.
             ‘Mummy mummy, I need a pet for pet’s day at school’
Her mother smiled and bent to pat her daughter on the shoulder.
            ‘Your teacher already called and told me about it. What would you like for a pet?’ her mother asked.
             ‘I want a puppy, the most beautiful puppy in the whole wide world’
Her mother laughed lightly, she sure had a proud daughter.
             ‘You will go with your father after lunch to get one then’
             ‘Yeah!’ Momo had exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement.

                                  * ………………………*

          When Momo returned home that evening with her father, she held proudly in her arms a beautiful white puppy, small in size with a gold ring around its neck. She was so proud of her new pet.
         ‘What will you call him’ her father asked.
         ‘I will name him…Moz’
         ‘Moz!’ her mother had said it again, laughing.
         ‘Yes mummy, my puppy is called Moz…Mozzy, Mozzy, Mozzy’ little Momo had said, petting her little puppy.

                                          * ………………………*
        The following morning as Momo walked to the bus with her new puppy, she saw a girl she had not seen before. She must have been among the new neighbors her mother had been talking about. The girl was a little taller than her. She had on a dress Momo thought was prettier than hers, shoes that glittered more than hers and long blond hair with lots of curls glittered beautifully on her head.
In her hands the girl held the most beautiful puppy Momo had ever seen. It was twice the size of her little Mozzy and it had black and white stripes with a silver ring around its neck.
         Momo was upset. She had thought her little Mozzy was the cutest of them all. The new girl approached as Momo stared on.
         ‘Hello’ the girl said with a smile on her face.
Momo looked up at her, held her Mozzy closer, pushed her small nose in the air and matched into the bus without saying a word back.

                                            * ………………………*

That afternoon Momo did not come home as excited as her mother had expected her to.
              ‘How was your day my dear?’
              ‘It was horrible mummy’
              ‘But why, did you not have pet’s day today?’
              ‘Yes we did but that new girl next door came to my class and messed up everything’                        
              ‘But how?’
              ‘She had the most beautiful puppy, better than mine, yet mine was the best…and her presentation was better than mine too’
Momos mother looked seriously at her daughter.
             ‘Momo, if the trick you taught Mozzy was good enough and you put in a lot of effort , then you don’t need to be afraid of this new girls puppy. You do not have to be jealous.’
            ‘I want another puppy, one bigger than Mozzy’ Momo had shouted holding her tiny lips tightly together.
             ‘I do not want you to act in such a bad way Momo. Simply because someone else’s thing looks bigger and more beautiful does not necessarily mean it is better than yours. Now get up stairs and change your clothes for lunch’       
Momo matched up stairs to her room still upset. Her mother sounded right but she still did not like the idea of someone having something better than hers.

                                         * ………………………*

           The next evening as Momo walked to the back yard with Mozzy, she saw the new girl seated at their stairs and she looked like she was crying. Momo was tempted to pass right by her but she remembered what her mother always told her, never to pass a person who looked hurt and needed help.
          ‘Are you ok’ little Momo asked the girl.
The girl whose head was bent looked up at Momo with tears in her eyes.
          ‘My puppy is lost’ she replied and tears welled up in her eyes again.
          ‘But how, were did you last leave him?’ Momo asked with care because of the pity she felt for the girl.                             
          ‘I left Popi outside to get a ball in the house, when I came out again, she was gone’
Momo looked around, she wondered were the Popi had wondered off.
          ‘I wish I had a puppy like yours, it’s so easy to control, and besides, it’s prettier than mine’
Momo was very surprised, how could this girl think her big beautiful puppy was no better than her tiny little Mozzy.
          ‘Can you help me find her’ the girl asked
          ‘Of course I will help you’
Momo sat next to the girl and placed her little hand on her chin thinking.
          ‘Where would you go if you were a puppy’ Momo asked the girl.
The girl sighed and rolled her small eyes thoughtfully.
         ‘…I would go to a place …where there are lots of puppies and other kids to play…where would that be’
Momo thought seriously.
       ‘That would be the …ooh, I know…I think Popi went to the park, that’s where lots of kids play with their  pets, she must have followed  some kids with their pets to the park down the street!’
       ‘Lets go find her then’ the girl said with excitement.
The two little girls ran very fast to the park down the street. It was not a long distance so they got there fast and started looking for Popi.
        ‘Look, there she is’ the girl had shouted after a short while.
Popi was playing with some kids. The two girls ran to her and the new girl carried Popi in her arms
           ‘I was so worried’ she exclaimed with gladness in her voice.
           ‘Am glad you have got your Popi’ Momo said to the excited girl.
          ‘Thank you for helping me, you are very kind.’
Momo smiled
          ‘What’s your name?’ the girl asked.
          ‘Maureen, but every one calls me Momo…and you?’
          ‘Am Sheila, just call me that’
The two girls giggled.
          ‘Hey, lets play with our puppies for sometime before we go back home’ Sheila suggested.
          ‘Ok, but for a little while because our parents might start looking for us, and get worried.’
The two girls excited, played together with their puppies and after a while hurried back home.


                                               * ………………………*

       When she reached home, Momo told her mother the whole story of how she and her new friend were able to get Popi back. Her mother smiled as she bent to put Momo’s collar right.
           ‘So you and Sheila are now friends?’ her mother asked continuing with her washing.
           ‘Yes, she likes Mozzy a lot!’
           ‘And you don’t want a new puppy?’
           ‘No, I love my little Mozzy, and besides, he’s as beautiful as Popi, they are all nice puppies’
            ‘Am glad you learnt that lesson. Now go up stairs and change for dinner, your father will be here soon.’
            ‘Ok mummy’ Momo replied. She hurried up the stairs excited with Mozzy close behind her.

                                                         -THE END-

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