the beauty of God's Nature

the beauty of God's Nature
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Friday, September 30, 2011


    Life can be a hurdle sometimes with lots of things going on. Sometimes the things we go through are extremely hard and you could never imagine that at one point things will be ok. The Bible says that in this world you will face hardships, but take heart, you will overcome. It is simply because Jesus Christ overcame this world and the fact that He lives in you, He will cause you to overcome every hard situation you face.
     Choose to trust God today for whatever is bothering you, the Bible says that without faith you cannot please God. It also says that weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. This shows that there is an end to your trouble, it may persist for a given time but definately it will come to an end. Nothing lasts forever, there is no such thing as a permanent bad situation especially for those who have trusted God for their lives. John 10:10 says Jesus came came that you may have life and enjoy it to the fullest.
     Walk with your head raised high from today onwards because the God you serve  is more than able to get you out of every hard situation you will ever face.